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Etto is Edible

Edible's Summer issue just arrived and guess who's on the cover. When Edible Magazine comes calling we answer the call, and so glad we did because our pasta got a cover shot.

It's hard to believe that Edible is only 20 years old. I've enjoyed the magazine in places I've lived or visited since the beginning. Edible is a celebration of local food communities and wherever you visit and find the magazine it will give you a good glimpse into the local food culture. There are over 80 different issues produced around the US and I'm so glad we have one here.

When I moved here I was surprised that our county even had our own Edible since we are a pretty small market. A few years ago the magazine even ceased operations for a moment and luckily a local woman Gail Cayetano stepped in and revived our local edition with many of the original contributors and new ones as well. When I look at the masthead it seems I've crossed paths with most of the folks that contribute to the publication. It's a who's who of big names in the food scene. They even have their own chef, the illustrious Rachel Ponce, who contributes recipes that push the bounds of creativity.

Edible these days is more than a magazine, but also a community builder for all things local in the food scene. They've hosted workshops and dinners and seem to make sure their thread touches all that is authentic, exciting and cool within our food community.

Their next dinner series looks amazing and features prominent American immigrant chefs who will tell their story and prepare foods from their native lands highlighting, Costa Rica, Malaysia and the Philippines. Edible Dinner Series . Act fast because tickets will sell out. Expect to see us at one or maybe all of these dinners.

You can read the current issue of Edible here: or pick up a copy at Etto. You can even subscribe to support the publication on their website.

Edible tasked Etto with making a summer pasta salad and we went to work. Pasta salad is fairly rare in Italy, and since I'm not a mayonnaise fan we decided to go in more of a pesto, caprese with burrata type of direction. It's one of the more complex recipes we've done, but the hard work will pay off in the end. On a hot summer day, this is a cool summer salad on a plate. Please give me some of that fried chicken pictured above. Buon Appetito!

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